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once every other week 的意思! for you和to you有什么区别for you 和to you 有什么区别,分别用在什么语境下,谢谢比如说礼物等物品,在上面的便笺上留言是写“to”还是“for” the taecher has studens__a composition every other week.a to writeb writtenc writingd write 为什么B不对呢 不是有have sb done Attachments for you information.这句话有语法问题吗现在邮件里一般都有此类语句.但是for没有动词性质的吧?这样写是否语法错误? for you information什么意思 for you information是不是‘仅供参考’的意思?RT 改错 I’ll come to see you if you are convenient I'd like to see you whenever (it's) convenient.括号中的单词一定要加么?读的时候要不要读出来呢? "when will be convenient for you to come?"中空处填it还是there请说出原因 The old man is very weak.He can't _____(移动)the big box.填介词Look,There is a set ______new clothes on the table.My grandparents often ask me ______my study at school.填介词You can see a new flower shop _____Bank Street.Can you tell me how t 1.Let's ________ games after school.2.Do you like ________ TV.1.would you like some orange juice?--________. 蛋白质的合成与运输途径是什么? 蛋白质合成的方式恩,越短越好,精炼概括 帮我起商务英文名帮我给“奇莱维”配备英文名,要求有含义、简单、易记、优美、八字内其他不限!我只剩下10分了全部给你!科技公司哦~不要和其他公司重复! 谁能给我以下几个日本经济学家的英文名字,谢谢小岛丽逸,楠田哲也,神野直彦急!谢谢了 where are you going? 单位让起英文名字.名字:子嘉 男的,27,高高胖胖的。英文名还是给个接近什么的。不喜欢弄个不相关的套上。 希腊神话梦神是谁英文叫什么如题! It’s 6 o’clock in the morning.He ___________.A.get up B.gets up C.isIt’s 6 o’clock in the morning.He ___________.A.get up B.gets up geting up getting up In the morning,he usually sits on the sofa and reads for about a____hour he seldon gets up before 10 o'clock.Really?what about his b____?he n___ has it at the weekend. Our second regular customer base are collectors for stamps.这句话怎么翻译啊 We use UPS as our courier for the shipping notice and the tracking Number is 231.谁给翻译下RT 英语翻译NBT(National Building Tax)国家建设税VAT (Value Add Tax)增值税 RIDING a bike is good exercise and great fun.But what do you do with your old bikes?American girl Nicole Basil has a wonderful answer to this question.She set up Pedal Power – a charity (慈善团体) to collect (收集) old bikes and give them to 用is on now woman train the what doing the连词成句 on,do,a,train,can,you,what 连词成句, I can stay an hour.还是I can stay for an hour? 哪个对,为什么?stay the park for an hour还是stay for the park an hour i really enjoy my stay in your city .i'll stay here for___three daysA .the other B.other C.more C.another 请帮我从希腊神话或圣经中找一个英文名字~女名,意思正面一些的我是白羊座,性格很外向独立,征服占有欲都比较强,同时很重朋友重家人.名字希望是英式的,最好是K开头或k发音开头;如果名 希腊神话中吃人的怪物的名字不问理由就吃人