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Look!The computer is_____(turn)on by someone. what can you tell from them.what willbe will be的中文意思.did you take any photos 改为陈述句 甜筒用英语怎么说不是冰淇林,是下面的甜筒 人最大的敌人就是自己是谁说的急! The computer room is ( ) the building. on at in 选一个介词填空 The computer room is ( ) the first floor选择题1(on) 2(at) 3(in) 孟子曰人之所不学而能者,其良.达之天下也”的解释 虽居人世上却是出世间怎么解释 求天下3所有门派的玄修和技能名字和解释注意要名字和技能解释,现在10大门派的所有玄修和所有技能,求数据帝支持~\(≧▽≦)/~ 1、用适当的介词填空:l think the boy ____ red sings better.2、jane goes to shool on foot every day.(对on foot提问)____ ____jane go to shool every day. The boy"in red" sings better.(对应好部分提问)( )boy sings better? think,i,better,the,boy,is(连词造句) "能者居之"英语怎么翻译? 英语翻译If machine was by made in Japan,and consignee could support documents which cargo exported before to make a prove,import will be available by free Tax. 英语翻译Core Skills (1)Experience in the Asianand Europedevelopment industry(2)Experienced in construction drawings(3)Able to lead and work effectively with team members(4)Able to effectively organize project teams to complete complicated and di 改同义句:I won't give it to her,if she doesn't ask for it.I won't give it to her,---she---- for it.可以填unless,asks吗? 是i needed to ask 还是askedrt,thank u I won't give it to her ,if she doesn't ask for it.等于什么I won't give it to her ___she for it Every Sunday afternoon my frind takes jack______a long walk in the park. The father as well as chuildren ( ) every Sunday afternoon in going B.go C.goes这是我在网上看到的一条高考题目,所以好疑惑 1.l met my cousin in the street yesterday afternoon(改为否定句) Peter with his cousin ___________(锻炼) in the park every morning填正确形式. ——I saw Ann ___ a green dress at the meeting.(请看下面,——I think she looks better___red.A.wear in B.wearing in为什么不用A.wear呢?see的用法不就是加do和doing两种用法吗?saw不是以前看的吗? I saw Ann Wearing a green dress at the school meeting.wear为什么要加ing而不加ed? 英语题 12题是I SAW ANN___A GREEN DRESS. 台风是危险的.根据下面的提示写一篇题为''How to Protect Ourselves from a Typhoon''的短文 台风是危险的.根据下面的提示写一篇题为''How to Protect Ourselves from a Typhoon''的短文,80个词左右.提示1.待在屋 台风是危险的.根据下面的提示写一篇题为''How to Protect Ourselves from a Typhoon''的短文,80个词左右.提示1.待在屋里2.关门关窗3.远离高楼和大厦4.小心掉下的电源线5.不要在大街上行走 谁说说长沙狮王美语怎么样? fried food 啥意思? food的中文意思! 狮王英语怎么挂机 favourite