end up后接什么~end up后接什么?up是介词么?那就接动名词,名词,代词?

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end up后接什么~end up后接什么?up是介词么?那就接动名词,名词,代词?
end up后接什么~
end up后接什么?up是介词么?那就接动名词,名词,代词?

end up后接什么~end up后接什么?up是介词么?那就接动名词,名词,代词?
1.end up
He came round for a coffee and we ended up in bed together.
I wondered where the pictures would end up after the auction.
2.end up doing sth
Most slimmers end up putting weight back on.
3.end up with
Anyone who swims in the river could end up with a nasty stomach upset.
4.end up as
He could end up as President.
5.end up like
I don't want to end up like my parents.

例句:If you go on like this you will end up in prison.
另外,end up + 动词[ing]---例子:end up getting married
end up + [adj]---例子:end up dead

end up 后面可以跟with sth 或者 doing sth
也可以直接做动词词组,后面不接任何成分,如 how does the story end up?


end up with/ end up in