why is apartheid a crime?为什么种族隔离是一种非道德行为?一篇英文作文,要自己写的!大概120字到150字左右(不要太难),剑四的水平就可以

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why is apartheid a crime?为什么种族隔离是一种非道德行为?一篇英文作文,要自己写的!

why is apartheid a crime?
Once apartheid has become a hot topic for some time ,and It has been commonly recognised as a crime.The resons are as follows:
As we all know ,everyone is born equal ,especially in this economic booming society ,the equality among people becoming more and more important .So It's not fair for those people who has been looked down upon by other ,just because of the color of their skin ,their living regions ,or even their ancestors .It's even a kind of cruelty to carry out the policy of apartheid for those victims .
In addition,the policy of apartheid not only is immoral for the individuals ,but also does great harm to the economy development ,cultural communication ,as well as all kinds of competition and cooperation .
In a word ,apartheid is a crime doubtlessly .