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Unit5.Topic 1
wake up. /wake sb up 醒来,叫醒某人
want to do sth 想做某事
get up early/late 早/ 迟起
by+交通工具 on foot
on weekdays /weekends 在周日/ 周末
at around /about six o’clock 大约在6点
have a (short) break 稍息一会儿
in the spare time 在业余时间
play basketball/soccer/ 打篮球/足球
play sports 做运动
play the piano弹钢琴
go dancing去跳舞
sing songs 唱歌
play computer games 玩电脑游戏
watch TV 看电视
for a (little) while一会儿
read books 看书
clean the house 打扫房间
in the library 在图书管
do one’s homework 做家庭作业
listen to music 听音乐
write letters写信
go roller skating 去滑旱冰
How often 多常
once a week/ twice a week/ three times a day
Unit5 Topic 2
at the moment /minute =now此刻
talk with/to sb 与某人谈话
wait a minute/moment 等一会儿
on the shelf在书架上
return =give sth back 归还
on time 准时
on the playground 在操场上
anything else /nothing else/what else
between…and… 在…和…两者之间
Here is/are… 这是…
love/like doing sth. 喜欢做某事.
Unit 5 Topic 3
have classes/lessons/have a class/ lesson
be over=end=finish 结束
wait for sb/sth 等某人
have to =must 必须
think of /about 考虑
do /try one’s best 尽力
care about 担心
learn from sb 向某人学习
with great interest 有浓厚兴趣的
Thank sb for (doing) sth
Best wishes 祝福你
Unit 6 Topic 1
on the second floor 在第二层
Why not do sth =why don’t you do sth?
go upstairs 上楼
have a look (at) 看一看
Come in, please 请进
so many nice books 这么多好看的书
plant flowers / trees 种花/树
have a bath 洗澡
read books/newspapers 看书/报纸
in/on the wall 在墙上
play with 玩…, 和…玩
put sth away 把…放好
look after 照顾
in/on the tree 在树上
in front of 在…前面(范围外)
in the front of 在…前面(范围内)
get a letter from sb 收到某人的来信
Unit 6 Topic 2
be like 像…
in an apartment building 在一个单元房里
in the countryside 在农村
in the suburbs 在郊区
in the area 在这个地区
How about/What about (doing) sth …….怎么样?
would like to do sth = want to do sth 想要做某事
go back to 回去 go back home 回家
For Rent 出租(广告) Wanted 求租(广告)
per month/week/year 每个月/星期/年
call sb at +号码 打某人……电话
think over=think about=think of 考虑
a single room 一间单人房间
a double-room house 一间双人房
a 3-bedroom house一间3卧室的房间
rent sth from sb. 向某人租….. 求租…
rent sth to sb. 租给某人…... 出租…..
around here 这周围
on the street corner 在街角处
There is something wrong with…….
get sb to do sth.=ask sb to do sth.= let sb do sth. 让某人做某事.
right now 马上,立刻.
a lot of 许多.
be close to / be near与…接近
be far from 离…很远
keep money 存钱
take trains 乘火车
mail letters 寄信
see the doctor 看病
hear sb doing sth . 听到某人正做某事.
try to do sth. 试着做某事.
such a station 这样的一个车站
move from…to… 从…移到/搬到…
at the end of… 在…末梢
on the right 在右边
The traffic is heavy. 交通拥挤
enjoy doing sth.喜欢做某事
Unit 6 Topic 3
go /walk across =cross 穿过
on the corner of… 在…的拐弯处
(be) across from… 穿过…, 在…对面
on one’s /the way to
get to… 到达…get home /there/here
(be) far away from… 远离…
need to do sth. 需要做某事
need do sth. 需要做某事
change to the No.1 bus.转1路车.
a ticket for speeding(开车时)超速的罚单
thousands of 成千的,好几千的
get hurt=be hurt受伤
in a road accident 在一次交通事故中
make the road safe 使交通安全
obey the traffic rules 遵守交通规则
keep on the right 保持向右行
be clear 安全的/清洁的
It is good to do sth 做某事很好
blind people 盲人
Unit7Topic 1
next / last Saturday 下星期六/ 上星期六
be fun/interesting 有趣
plan to do sth. 计划做某事
want to do sth. 想要做某事
have a birthday party开一次生日晚会
Would you like sth.你想要……
Would you like to do sth. 你想要做某事
You bet./ Of course./ Sure./ Certainly.
be born 出生
use sth for doing sth 用于作…
look up 查阅,查找
must be 一定是
perform ballet 跳芭蕾舞
dance the disco跳迪斯科
take photos ( of…) 照相
sing songs for sb.为某人唱歌
take sth./sb. to sw 把某物带到某处
take sth.with sb. 随身带上某物
work out 算出 work on 演算
fly a kite / fly kites 放风筝
one year ago 一年前 two years ago两年前
play table tennis 打乒乓球
be good at (doing)sth 擅长做某事
have a good time 玩得很开心
Something is / was wrong with…
with the help of ….在……的帮助下
make model planes.制作模型飞机
It’s one’s turn. 轮到某人了
What’s the matter?/What’s wrong?What’s up? 怎么啦?
fall down 跌倒
happen to sb.发生在某人身上
go to a movie =see a film = go to the cinema
lie to sb. 对某人说谎
tell a lie (to sb) 说谎 tell- told
talk about 谈论 in fact 事实上
sit around… 围坐在…
make the cards 做卡片
make a silent wish 默默许愿
write a letter to sb. / write to sb.
Unit 8 Topic 1
climb mountains = go climbing爬山
go hiking 踏青
make a snowman(snowmen) 做雪人
in spring / summer / fall / winter
like sth best 最喜欢
like sth better 更喜欢
nice and =very, quite 很,挺
all day 整天
be coming 就要来了
go on sth. 进行某事
go on a trip 进行旅行
go out 出去
take an umbrella 带伞
wear sunglasses 带太阳镜
wear warm clothes 穿暖和的衣服
remember to do sth. 记住要去做某事
remember doing sth. 记住做过某事
(be) the same as 与……一样
travel to sw. 旅游到某地
wear an overcoat 穿一件大衣
come back to life 复苏, 复活
get warm 变暖和
a hopeful season. 一个充满生机的季节.
A harvest season. 一个丰收的季节.
come after 来自……之后
be busy doing sth.忙于做….
last from…to…持续从……到
last for 持续
Unit 8 Topic2
travel around 周游
take pictures/photos of… 拍……的照片
hope to do sth. / hope (that)+句子
next month 下个月
places of interest 名胜
each of us 我们中的每一个人
tell sb sth.about告诉某人关于……某事
take off 拖掉,起飞
point to 指点
touch a child on the head 摸小孩的头
do some touring 观光
do some shopping/cleaning
need to do sth.需做某事
give sth. to sb. /give sb.sth. 给某人某物
pass sth.to sb. /pass sb. sth. 递某物给某人
be friendly to sb 对某人友好
be different from 与……不同
Unit 8 Topic3
make dumpings 做饺子
each other 相互,互相
have families get together.举行家庭聚会
on this day 在这一天 good luck 好运
stay up 熬夜 send sth. to sb. 送某人某物
play tricks on sb.= trick on sb 开某人玩笑
pick up摘,捡起 knock at/ on 敲
on the night of 在……夜晚
go touring / shopping 去旅行/ 购物
enjoy a seven-day holiday享受7天的假期
hold dragon boat races举行龙舟赛
the capital of ……的首都,…….的省会
go up 升起
Best wishes to sb.! 致某人最好的祝愿
on the eve of 在……前夕
at midnight 在午夜
put up 挂
最令某人高兴的是 To one’s joy
在户外in the open air
与某人聊天 chat with
互相 each other =with one another
与某人相聚 have a get-together with
很快,马上 (at)any minute now
及时 in time
匆忙in a hurry
动身,出发 set off
朝回走 head back
朝回家的路走 head back home
有一个美好的未来 have a great future
期望做某事 look forward to doing sth.
给某人一个拥抱 give a hug to sb.
旅途平安 Have a safe flight!
出去散步 go out for a walk