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I know deeply,must continue to work hard.中文翻译! As to me,i think i would stand on the side of the latter group of people.的中文翻译 Only _______ of the workers are man A.one third B.three quarters 老师说是A The customary method of performing or acting that is followed by a particular group of people译成汉语, 英语“I must work harder”是什么意思? 年轻人总是充满活力Young people are always (have more energy)括号内可以这样填吗? much ,so,such,too,also,either用法各位帅哥靓姐..请教一下..我好迟钝的.多抬贵手打多两个字去 We are learning English,a language ___ is used in many places in the world. Many boys and girls learn English at school or at university.Because it is one of their---[subject]在虚线上填写括号内的适当形式,答案是subjects,请[详细]解释,谢谢………………~~ We left traveling with a group of wagons.翻译 leave doing sth?有这用法吗 学英语发音看什么? Lily often helps her mother____houseworkA withB forC on linda often helps her mother do the housework改为同义句怎摸说 many people learn english over r______ We______(learn)many English words over the yaers. Many people learn English for their ______ studies.Many people learn English for their ______ studies No one indebted for others,while many people don't know how to cherish others. 求翻译... 翻译:while the others are waiting for their turns 英语翻译3句分开的意思who are you waiting for 中文You and other people are me?中文Worth the wait..中文 这首最近很热的英文歌叫什么啊?前两天在电视数码频道介绍mp4时主持人用iriver的mp4播放了当时fm电台的冠军歌曲,是个男的唱的,有点像亚瑟小子,带着个滑雪帽,歌词好像是.my better my better (然 找一首最近很热的英文歌是几个中国女孩唱的,只记住高潮发音是“咙嘛咙嘛咙嘛类勾, the water pollution became more and more serious ( )no further action had been taken Aas if B unless C since D even if The pollution problem here seems to get more and more serious.Yes.Something ___________ with itA.has done B.must be doneC.is doing D.was done I think the serious pollution is one of the c_____ for most countries For most of us today,the pollution of the environment is more and more severe.对么For most of us today,后边补一个句子,补的句子主语可以自己随便写,还是主语是前边的我们?能举个列子么For most of us today,环境污染 现在很多人开车去上班.Now many people go to work_____ _____. Now,many people (d )to work instead of walking or cycling. many和much的区别,用法,举个例子 as much as和as many as用法的区别另帮我解释这道题:According to a medical report,____ 75 percent of the current violent crime is drug-related.选as much as,为什么? About___of the students in our class like pop music.A.three-quarters B.three-thirds C.three thirdsD.three quarters The students will have it finished in_.A.three quarters of an hour timeB.three quarters of an hour's 9.Three quarters of the earth _________ water.(discover)