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What did you eat for breakfast?__________,I don't want to eat anything this moringWell,you must be too stressed out .Here is the medicine.__________________?Three times a day.You'll get well soon. Don't sleep How long have Mr Li___(teach)in our school? After that,he'd like some fruits. ( )Mr and Mrs Green would like afternoon tea.括号里填And 还是ButAfter that,he'd like some fruits. ( )Mr and Mrs Green usually have afternoon tea.括号里填 And 还是But Dann gleich eiloggen und 后面的德语单词应该是什么 完形填空 Bears sleep o____ in winter; f_____ to sb. Bears sleep____a long tiame___winter A.for,in,in,in,on 6 .He called another girl,______ was more suitable for the position.A.he believed \x05 B.who he believed \x05 C.he believed she \x05 D.whom he believed为什么 He is dating another girl on the side. 德语:Dann sage ich wo.Dann是否占位?写成Dann ich sage wo.还是Dann sage ich wo.哪些常用词占位,哪些不算?来保证动词第二位. 德语:Denn和Dann有什么区别? 光强计和照度计是一种仪器吗?能不能推荐几款光强计半导体行业光刻机用的 英语翻译夜深了,一位巴格达商人走在黑漆漆的山路上,突然有个神秘的声音传来:“弯下腰,请多捡些小石子,明天会有用的!”商人决定执行这一指令,便弯腰捡起几颗石子.到了第二天,当商人 英语翻译我叫×××。我来自××小学,很高兴能和大家一起上课。我是一个感性的女生,但是我不会轻易的哭。我的爱好是画画,可专长是钢琴。我的钢琴已经6级了。我很幸运的能跟大家一 英语翻译一个贫穷的小男孩为了攒够学费正挨家挨户地推销商品. 英语翻译Study area:Monroe County,IndianaThe study area for this research is Monroe County,Indiana.As illustrated in Fig.1,Monroe County isin the Midwestern United States and is approximately50 miles south of Indianapolis.Although urbanizationhas 八年级上册人教版语文《核舟记》要求背诵哪几段?课后要求是背第几段, 狼跑到北极变成了什么? 英语翻译We are thankful for the beauty of this great land,which has welcomed so many to its shores across the years. 英语七年级下册,会的人帮帮忙,小弟在此, 英语翻译내겐 너무 멋진 그대 Do as you like疑问句还是肯定句 be glad to 后面要加动词原型吗? 为什么be going to的后面还能加动词? 英语翻译have u ever been hated or discriminated against?我想要个最恰当的译文. 英语翻译Trust me; you don’t have to worry about what my parents will think.Of course we have different cultures,but we should see it as an opportunity,that we can pick the good parts from both 英语翻译我们已形成了年销售量****台,年服务量****台,赢利***元的经营格局.怎么翻译最恰当? 南京北极海狼做男摸找那个啊.男摸 I can never forget the day… we worked together and the day…we spent together的意思 Do you like science f___ movies? 鸡20只,鸭25只,鸡是鸭的(),鸭是鸡的(),b4分之5 c无法确定急 learn a lot on the internet on可以改成from吗?