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though和in spite of的区别怎么用 关于in spite of/despit/thoughin spite of/despit/though这三个有什么区别?何时用哪个? 请问一下despite, in spite of, even though三个词的区别. He is a foreigner .He( )speak English A.maybe B.may be C.can be D.must be He must be from Africa,( ) can be seen from his skinHe must be from Africa,( ) can be seen from his skin1.that 4.what为什么其他的不行啊 3Q 英语中,with sth to do 与with sth to be done的区别.例.with all books his daughter need ___,he refused her to go to school.此句答案是bought,有一个选项是to be bought,是不是说把该项改为to be bought 就对了?那是不是说to 英语问题:To do 与 To be done区别及用法?谢了! 我是英语新手,我搞不懂像to,off,这些单词怎么用? be obsessed with用英语怎么解释 1.please write a letter to yourparents 2.Doyou want to learn about our club 的同义句 although,though,even if\though的区别 People will produce the machine written in the book in 50 years.改为被动语态但是PEOPLE就没有了啊,还应该有BY PEOPLE The room of _____ the window faces south is mine The room is mine.The window of the roorn faces south 改为定语从句! A room ____ the window faces south is warmer in winter. The room the window of which faces south is for the doctor.能否写成of which the window?为什么 keep quiet与keep silent的区别 填空 keep daddy ..a book. what do you want to be?why 写一篇小作文不要是对话. everything in the world中文歌词. everything in the world 中文歌词歌词How many times you asked yourself beforeWhat’s the point,wasting timeBut how many times you stand up for yourselfMake a point,you have a reasonYou know,it’s not fairYour life,belongs to nobody else So don The world looks like a noisy farce, nobody can change anything.什么意思? you can keep up to date with what is going on in the world的汉语意思 DX51D+Z 是什么意思? DX51D+Z标准含义0.5mm价格 有的话最好 镀锌铁皮DX51D+Z100-A-PT是什么意思?DX51D是冷轧还是热轧 英语翻译To be kind-heartedOne evening,it was raining andcustom signs the wind was blowing hard.An old couple came to an inn and prepared to put up for the night there.A young man received them with open arms,but said “I’m sorry!Our guest room LI ming is my son.But I am not his brother.Do you know Who am Do you know who is my father 和Do you know who my father is .哪个对?我们老师说第一个对,因为宾语从句的语序是陈述语序,也就是主语加谓语在这句话里:who是主语,is 是谓语,所以第一个对,但是我今天看 Keep it 是不是只有"do you"开头的疑问句才能用"yes,i do"来回答?请问在什麼时候也会适合用"yes,i do"呢? 谁能讲讲反疑疑问句?比如Don't you...然后回答Yes,I do 或者No,I don't 回答的意思是什么?