My best friend的初中英语作文60词,用比较级,我的特征:男,身高158,性格比较内向,只交男性朋友

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My best friend的初中英语作文60词,用比较级,我的特征:男,身高158,性格比较内向,只交男性朋友
My best friend的初中英语作文

My best friend的初中英语作文60词,用比较级,我的特征:男,身高158,性格比较内向,只交男性朋友
My best friend is the same age as me,we are both boys.But it is not necessary to be the same as friends.I am 1.58 meter,but he is taller than me.I am quiet and I am not good at communicating with others,I can only talk with boys.I am too shy to talk with girls.But he is more outgoing than me,and he does better in making new friends.We also have different interests.I like playing football and playing computer,but he loves reading books and watching movies.Although we are different,we are best friends.


Every one has a best friend, so do I. my best and I are in the same class. I am a boy, but I shouter than my friend. He is very tall in my eyes. I am so unsocial that I only make male friend. So absolutely, my best friend is a good talker. I hope he will be my best friend forever.

I have a good friend.She is xxx.She is nice and kind.She never late forschool.She always works hard.She never tells lies. She likes swimming.She would like to be a
swimmer.She can swim very fast.We always play together.We sometimes watch TV
xxx is my best friend.