Where is the pencil 我怎么回答

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Where is the pencil 我怎么回答

Here it is.(在这里)
There it is.(在那里)
It's in/on/under/over the sth.{在某物 里面/上面/下面/上面(垂直上方不接触物体表面)}
It's on sb./the sth.right/left.(在某人/某物右边左边)
Sorry,I don't know.And you can ask other people.(对不起,我不知道.你可以去问问其他人)
I didn't see it.(我没有看见它)

Tt's on the table.
I didn't see it.
I don't know.


-----,jack? it's4:45. oh,it'stimn---my birthday party. where is my dress? ------? it's blue and white. ---your dress? -------,thank you.